About Suzi Altman Photography

For me it's all about making photographs for social change. I am focused on
the world a better place and using my camera as a tool to illustrate the issues I am passionate about. Including women's issues, climate issues, poverty, education, health care and  cultural heritage traditions. In addition I have photographed the Mississippi delta for over a decade, including the rich cultural heritage, civil rights history, the deep religious roots and the music the land produces.

I have been a photographer for over twenty years. I started in New York City at The Associated Press, after an internship at Rolling Stone Magazine and another internship with acclaimed photographer Mary Ellen Mark. 

My work is in the Permanent Collection at The National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) Washington,DC. and  also in the Permanent Collection at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson, MS.   I have worked for many of the world's leading publications including The New York Times, The London Observer, USA Today, Time Magazine, Random House Publishing, Reuters News Agency, Agency France Press(AFP), The Associated Press, The New York Post and my work is in many private collections.

If you have questions regarding assignments, archival prints, downloads, or anything else please contact me at 1+601-668-9611 or by email suzisnaps@aol.com

Thank you for taking the time to review some of my work this website is a work in progress.