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{8/24/12} {10pmCST} Greenville , MS, U.S.A. --Workers on The Dredge JADWIN, of the US Army Corp of Engineers, begin dredging a stretch of the Mississippi River 7 miles downriver from Greenville MS. where the Army Corp of Engeineers is dredging the river to keep it open to tug boat traffic. Pictured workers connect the JADWIN to a 1000 foot pipeline to carry out the sludge.  Sandbars creep up as the water level drops on the Mississippi River makeing navigating the Mississippi River difficult for tug boat captains Ron Mook , Friday August 24,2012. Historically low river levels on the Mississippi River are causing havoc on river traffic: grounding barges loaded with grain and fertilizer, traffic jams several miles long and forcing the Coast Guard to close down chunks of the river due to groundings. The area around Greenville, Miss., has closed three times the past week due to groundings. Last year, there were five total groundings the entire low-water season. Locals who fought historic high-water floods last year are this year engaged in a different fight: keeping barges afloat on a vanishing Mississippi.  -- Photo by Suzi Altman, .