James Meredith Walks 9/30/15 eve of 53 Anniversary of enrolling at Ole Miss

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Jackson, MS. 9/30/2015 What a difference a day makes. That was certainly true on September 30, 1962 when students and the State of Mississippi clashed over desegregating The University of Mississippi, on the campus of Ole Miss in Oxford Mississippi.  53 years ago James Meredith challenged the status quo in Mississippi at The University of Mississippi in Oxford when he enrolled on October 1, 1962 as the first African American student. It was Meredith's fifth attempt to enroll, and President Kennedy called up the National Guard and United States Marshals to ensure his safety while he enrolled. Meredith's story doesn't end there and neither does his mission. Civil Rights Icon James Meredith walks the black neighborhoods of South Jackson passing out copies of the10 Commandments to everyone he comes in contact with. Meredith says he is walking in black neighborhoods to deliver God's message and to give the African American race a new focus. Meredith believes that the future depends on Right and Wrong- Good and Bad- and how to apply these principals to life. Meredith has completed over half of his 55 day walk. Pictured with James is his grandson James Knight 6yrs. old. Meredith spoke with the press on the eve of the 53 anniversary of the  riot on Ole Miss campus and the night before he enrolled as the first African American student at the University of Mississippi. Photo  ©Suzi Altman