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Waveand Mississippi Sept. 16, 2005, Brian Mollere gets his blood pressure checked by a American Red Cross Disaster Relief worker days after he survived swimming thru Hurricane Katrina with his dog Rocky. Rescue workers find him sitting on his concrete slab with his dog where their house used to be. Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home, the city of Waveland and Brian and Rocky were swept up in a 30ft wall of water and carrried over a half mile across the trian tracks. Brian had sent his mother to higher ground to ride out the storm but he decieded to stay and protect her home, the house was completely destroyed and his mother died in the storm ,she was in Bay St. Louis about 10 miles from her home. Brian was one of only a few eople who stayed in Waveland to ride the storm out and surrived to tell his story. ©SUZI ALTMAN PHOTOGRAPHER .cell phone 601-668-9611.