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Passion is what drives my subjects and me. Reverend Dennis and his wife, Miss Margaret, for example are passionate about, religion, prayer, and equality, and spreading “the word of God”. What was once Margaret’s Grocery Store is now a shrine to their beliefs and a sanctuary. They have created a church out of an old school bus on their property, that they both have lovingly decorated, adorned with recycled and reclaimed everyday items and for over a decade have welcome travelers from all over the world to share their beliefs and their creation. I stumbled upon “The Castle” and Rev. Dennis and Miss Margaret in the summer of 2000 and spent the next 10 years visiting and photographing them I was compelled and still am to share their story with future generation. They have both since passed away, Margaret first then Dennis a few years later at the age of 96.<br />
Now I am trying to preserve, protect and restore their “palace.”<br />
(photo/Suzi Altman) MISS MARGARETS GROCERY VICKSBURG MISSISSIPPI Pictures is Miss margaret's Grocery, also known as Rev.Dennis's Castle, in Vicksburg Mississippi. Located on the Blues Highway, HWY 61 North, this folk art Palace is in recent times in need of repair. A non profit is being set up to help preserve the property since Miss Margaret's death in 2008. rev. Dennis is now in nursing home and 94 yrs. old. His works of art and bus he lovingly turned into a church with Margaret's help need to be protected for future generations to enojy. Photo©SuziAltman Margaret’s Grocery Store is now a shrine to Rev. Dennis and Miss Margaret. For over 20 years they welcomed travelers from all over the world to share their beliefs and artistic vision. The Mississippi Folk Art Foundation has been established to help preserve this important folk art creation.To help contact