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Barbara Chaney Dailey,left, sister of slain civil rights worker James Chaney, and Rita Schwerner Bender, widow of slain civil rights wotker Michael Chaney place a memorial wreath of the headstone outside the Mt.Zion U,M. Church in Philadelphia Ms.Sunday June 19,2005. The church was burned twice by the KKK, to lure the three civil rights owrkers south. The two women placed the flowers on the marker after and emotioanl  memorial service at the Mt. Zion U.M. Church in Philadelphia Ms. Sunday June 19,2005. Sitting next to her is Barbara Chaney Dailey, James Chaney's sister she is holding a program from the memorial service with her brothers photo on it. The memorial service was for the three civil rights workers murdered by the KKK in 1964,James Chaney, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman.Mrs. Bender actually attended two memorail services for her husand Michael Schwerner in Philadelphia,Ms.(Photo/Suzi Altman)