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NGO Photography Workshop in the Lenana Slum of Nairobi, Kenya.Photo ©Suzi Altman In 2014, Suzi Altman traveled to Kenya at the invitation of The Supply, an NGO that operates a school in the Lenana slum, near Nairobi.<br />
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While in residence at the Kevjumba School, Altman lead a photography class that taught self-identity and community identity utilizing photography as a tool, which helped children "see" the world they live in, as well as its relation to the broader world outside their community. Together, photography and the written word were powerful instruments for the students to express themselves. The students took photographs of themselves and their community, highlighting positive aspects in each. Through the workshop, the students’ voices became stronger, and they discovered commonalities with other cultures around the world, like the importance of family, shelter, education, and religion.<br />
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While in the Lenana slum, Suzi photographed the children and places she encountered in the community. The subjects are workshop participants and other community members. What became most evident among those she visited were the tremendous sense of pride in their homes, communities, and schools, and the moments of happiness, which is evoked in the resulting series of photographs.